Become successful with eHealth, innovation and growth in healthcare

Become successful with eHealth, innovation and growth in healthcare

Partly due to the Covid-19 circumstances, digitization in the healthcare sector has accelerated enormously. This necessary development had already started earlier because of the growing demand for care and the ever-increasing costs in this sector.

In addition, there is also a development in the field of lifestyle, by which people with apps on their mobile and smartwatch are increasingly taking control of their own life in order to be in balance in the field of healthy nutrion, staying fit physically as well as mentally.

The required technology is available but requires a different way of working for clients and healthcare professionals and often requires radically new business models.
The strong increase in recent years of eHealth platforms, Health apps and online video calling and services are clear examples of this. In addition to the development and implementation of technology and business models, timely and correct communication to all stakeholders and the successful marketing and scaling up of these new products or services are also crucial for success.

INNOFACTION supports companies in the healthcare sector to realize their digital transformation and to develop and successfully market their innovations.
In recent years we have supported clients such as, Robot Care Systems, NewHealth Collective, Selfcare, Youth Interventions Foundation and WoWijs app with business innovation and strategy and hands-on sales and business development services. This involves close collaboration with the client’s team to guarantee the result throughout the organization. This often involves marketing and scaling up new online ehealth platforms or apps, within corporate organizations or at scale-ups that want to grow quickly.

Together with our partner Digital One we also offer a complete range of online marketing, marketing automation and content creation services, such as websites, apps, webinars, social media service and videos to successfully market your product or service.

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