Published 1 March 2020 by P. Jongert

INNOFACTION; Celebrating 10 years of Business innovation

Started in 2010 with hands-on strategy, business development, sales and digital marketing services. With a vision to help with an extensive and relevant international network, creativity, experience and high-quality know-how, start-ups and scale-ups to launch their products on the market and to grow these companies.

In addition, supporting corporate companies with the introduction of the latest technology, software platforms or with innovation of new, future-proof business models. In addition to technological innovations, also with an eye for and involved in social innovations with a social impact, for example in eHealth, Youth care and projects in the field of sustainability.

This for more than 35 (international) customers, in collaboration with a virtual network of specialized professionals and business partners. An achievement to be proud of!

Now in 2020, in a time of rapid technological and social innovations, the services of INNOFACTION are more relevant than ever, with a promising future ahead!

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